For Author

Articles should be written either in English or in bahasa (Indonesia language) between 5.000 - 7.000 words including text, all tables, and figures, notes, references, and appendices. Quotations, passages, and words in languages other than English should be translated into English. Any contributors must follow template manuscript provided by PARAMUROBI. It can be accessed at PARAMUROBI website. If the original language other than English should be used, it should be minimized in amount and italicized. The manuscript submitted via the website: Click Here

Submitted manuscripts should have relevance to Religious Educational Studies. The manuscripts should include 150 words of Abstracts (each in English and Indonesia), Introduction, Conceptual/ Theoretical framework, Methods, Results (findings), Discussion, Conclusion, Recommendations, and References. See Author Guideline

Contributors / Authors outside Indonesia may send abstract in English only. A successful article for publication should include references linked to International Journals and up to date publications. See Author Guideline