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In this era of globalization, it is feared that children will have attitudes and behaviors that are not commendable if they are not accustomed to the internalization of Islamic religious values from an early age. This study aims to describe how the process of internalizing Islamic religious values in the formation of Akhlakul Karimah students at the Al Hikmah Binangun Singgahan Islamic Boarding School, Tuban, and to describe the success of the process of internalizing Islamic religious values in the formation of Akhlakul Karimah students at the Al Hikmah Binangun Islamic Boarding School, Singgahan Tuban . The research was conducted at the Al Hikmah Islamic Boarding School which is located in the village of Binangun, Singgahan District, Tuban Regency, East Java. This research uses a qualitative approach with a case study type. Data collection was carried out using interviews, observation, and documentation. Data analysis techniques include data reduction, data presentation, and drawing conclusions. The research results obtained are as follows. The process of internalizing the values of Islamic religious education to form Akhlakul Karimah at the Al Hikmah Islamic boarding school has 3 stages, namely the introduction stage, the acceptance stage and the integration stage. The curriculum programmed by PP. Al Hikmah in learning to support internalization is by Reciting the Book, Madrasah diniyah with 3 levels, Reciting the Qur'an, and. Bahtsul Masa'il. The method applied by PP. Alhikmah in internalizing the values of Islamic religious education namely Bandongan, Questions and Answers, Exemplary, Habituation, Discipline Strategy. The results of internalizing the values of Islamic religious education in forming ahklakul karimah are responsibility, independence, social spirit.</p> Moch. Shohibul Husni Muhammad Walid Indah Aminatuz Zuhriah ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-06-10 2023-06-10 6 1 1 22 10.32699/paramurobi.v6i1.4297 KONTRIBUSI EKSISTENSIALISME DALAM PERSPEKTIF PENDIDIKAN AGAMA ISLAM <p><em>Education and philosophy have an unavoidable relationship. This is because the philosophy of education is the basis of a foundation in an education system. Philosophy of education becomes a guide in efforts to improve, increase progress and a strong basis for the upholding of the education system. Not a few educational figures and thinkers doubt the position of schools as educational institutions whose function is to prepare future generations. The character's scathing criticism stated that educational institutions (policies, teachers) have positioned themselves as means of controlling creation and curbing individual freedom, even though each individual has his own privileges and thoughts in taking action. This research takes a qualitative approach to its investigation. Collecting data using library research methods by examining various literature. Existentialism has one side which is in line with Islamic education which aims to form a complete human being, his mind and heart, spiritual and physical; morals and skills. However, in terms of objectives, Islamic education also emphasizes physical and spiritual balance towards perfection and completeness of the true meaning of humanity.</em></p> Aswati Aswati Husnul Khotimah Habibur Rahman Ririn Maghfirah Duwi Lismawati ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-06-10 2023-06-10 6 1 23 34 10.32699/paramurobi.v6i1.4368 Kepemimpinan Transformasional Kepala Sekolah di Lembaga Pendidikan Islam <p><em>Leadership increases individual and group trust, generates awareness and interest within groups and organizations and tries to move subordinates' attention to the achievements and growth of educational institutions. The interaction between the leader and subordinates in transformational leadership, characterized by the influence of the leader to change the behavior of his subordinates into someone who feels capable and highly motivated and strives to achieve high and quality work achievements.</em> <em>This research uses library research so that what is used in this research is a literature study. The results of this study show that transformative leadership is a leader who is able to influence or direct subordinates in an effective way to achieve organizational goals that have been set together. In transformative leadership, the leader sets an example for subordinates and motivates them by providing a clear and inspiring vision of the future.</em><em> Leaders also support individual development and growth, provide constructive feedback, and facilitate open and collaborative communication. Transformative leaders also promote innovation and creativity, and enable team members to actively participate in the decision-making process. In this way, transformative leadership creates a positive and productive environment, leading to better outcomes and higher job satisfaction for everyone involved.</em></p> sahri sahri Achmad Fatoni Binti Maunah ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-06-10 2023-06-10 6 1 35 55 10.32699/paramurobi.v6i1.4486 KOLABORASI ILMU NAGHOM DAN PEMBELAJARAN TENSES DENGAN MENGGUNAKAN TEKNIK “TEPUK KELEDAI CERDIK” DI MTS ALMAHFUDZ <p><em>This collaboration between naghom science and teaching English will provide its own teaching art that is unique and different from teaching and learning at Madrasah Tsanawiyah. The objectives of the research at MTs Almahfudz Peniron are; provide naghom lessons that are easy to memorize and practice for students; provide logical, easy, simple and fun English learning to students; provide collaboration in naghom learning and tenses learning in a way that is full of innovation and creation so that students will find it easy and fun to learn it. This type of research is qualitative. In collecting data it used interview technique, observation, and documentation. Based on the data obtained in this study, there are several lessons about nadhom science, learning English about tenses, and learning using “tepuk keledai cerdik” technique which is comprehensive and collaborative.</em></p> Arif Widyantoro Ali Mutafi ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-06-10 2023-06-10 6 1 56 65 10.32699/paramurobi.v6i1.4555 PEMIKIRAN IBNU SINA (RELIGIUS-RASIONAL) TENTANG PENDIDIKAN DAN RELEVANSINYA DENGAN PENDIDIKAN ISLAM KONTEMPORER <p>Study This aim For know Ibn Sina's thoughts about education and its relevance with contemporary Islamic educatio . Concepts according to Islamic education characters Muslims, of course become attention so that, Islamic education is able dominate pattern education in Indonesia. So that Muslims can&nbsp; face the times, especially in aspects education. Method research used in study This is analysis descriptive qualitative. As for the type research used is study bibliography (library research) use obtain appropriate facts in obtain base theory or framework think to the problems studied. Data source from study This is books nor other literature in the form of journals or article. Data analysis technique used is analysis content (content analysis). Result of study This show that thinking Ibn Sina's Islamic education has relevance with contemporary and very still Islamic education Can implemented at this time. Related specials _ with development potency physical, intellectual, and mental character participant teach and apply draft the ideal educator who still is relevant For implemented in this era.</p> <p><strong>Keywords : _</strong> Ibn Sina's Educational Thought , Contemporary Islamic Education</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Rika Amalia ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-06-10 2023-06-10 6 1 66 82 10.32699/paramurobi.v6i1.4631 Penguatan Pendidikan Agama Islam Pada Madrasah Aliyah Bertaraf Internasional Di Insan Cendekia Serpong <p>The purpose of the researchers was to find out how to strengthen the development of the Islamic Education curriculum in this school which is considered to have good advantages. The method used in this study is a qualitative approach. With this method, information can be obtained by researchers through websites, journals, school info, and others. In data analysis, researchers used qualitative descriptive techniques. The initial conclusion states that the existing educational development at the Insan Cendikia Madrasah, which incidentally is an international standard school, turns out to have strong reinforcement through many programs, activities, strategies, curricula, evaluations, and so on, which were deliberately made by its founders. Meanwhile, in improving the quality of education, this madrasa integrates school programs with boarding programs, builds school culture and networks, and improves human resources and facilities.</p> Samsirin Samsirin Rizki Putri Utami Aghnasalisa Inas Herdina Fatma Sal Sakhiba Albira ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-06-10 2023-06-10 6 1 83 95 10.32699/paramurobi.v6i1.4480 PENDIDIKAN KELUARGA DALAM PRESPEKTIF AL- QUR’AN <p><em>Family Education can be interpreted as the efforts and efforts of parents in providing guidance, direction, coaching and the formation of the child's personality as well as providing provision of knowledge to children. The basis of family education, namely the family environment is the first environment and the family is the first education that is ready to face the stages of development until reaching adulthood. Family education is the responsibility of everyone to protect themselves and their families from the fires of hell, and are required to do what is imposed and get rid of what which is prohibited, not only for himself but also must teach the family. The purpose of this research is to describe family education in the perspective of the Qur'an. The type of research used is a theoretical review or literature review with a descriptive approach. Data collection techniques using documentation review and data analysis techniques with content analysis by utilizing the literature. The results of this study, we as parents need to instill the values of religious education in children. Family education in the perspective of the Koran that must be taught is education of faith, worship and morals. From the verses of the Qur'an, the method of family education is explained by exemplary methods, advice, habituation, rewards and punishments.</em></p> Nia Nia Juwita Purnika Sari Hani Zahrani ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-06-10 2023-06-10 6 1 97 117 10.32699/paramurobi.v6i1.4078 PENGUATAN PENDIDIKAN KARAKTER RELIGIUS MELALUI PROGRAM CENDIKIA KARAKTER DI SMP IT CENDIKIA QURANI ARJASARI BANDUNG <p><em>Efforts to improve religious character in students are important things to be taught and instilled from an early age to answer various problems of the nation. There are various programs&nbsp; that can to do by the school in facilitating the improvement of religious character for students, one of which is through the Character Scholars program. This study aims to describe efforts to increase religious character through the Character Cendikia program at SMP IT Cendikia Qurani Arjasari, with qualitative methods for data collection carried out by researchers including observation, interviews, and documentation. The data analysis carried out was triangulation. The results of the study show that the Character Cendikia program has several programs, namely daily programs, weekly programs, monthly programs, and semester programs. The program succeeded in instilling religious character values in students. With an Islamic background, this school forms an environment that supports the formation of religious character. With a variety of activities such as Duha prayer, memorizing the quran, field practice and others, it becomes a good habit for students. The method used in instilling character by this school is in line with the opinion of experts, such as methods 1) teaching 2) exemplary 3) habituation 4) motivation 5) enforcing the rules.</em></p> Usep Saepuloh Yana Mulyana Muhammad Aditya Firdaus ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-06-10 2023-06-10 6 1 118 136 10.32699/paramurobi.v6i1.4614 KONTINUITAS DAN DISKONTINUITAS PENDIDIKAN PONDOK PESANTREN AL-ASY’ARIYYAH, KALIBEBER, WONOSOBO (1832-2022) <p>This article aims to reveal the dimensions of continuity and discontinuity of education at the al-Asy'ariyyah Islamic boarding school Kalibeber Wonosobo (1832-2022), by synthesizing the Islamic education system that runs in each leadership period. This paper is a historical research using Harry J. Benda's theory of continuity and change, through the stages of: topic selection, heuristics, verification, interpretation, and historiography. The results of the study show that the continuity of the education system at the al-Asy'ariyyah Islamic boarding school has been maintained until now by emphasizing the Qur'an as the center of study. The discount is part of the development which is determined by the dynamics and changing times. The implication of the research is that the essence of the teachings of the Koran is a patron that must be preserved so that it can relate to the needs of the times. Research contributes to the development of Islamic boarding schools that are adaptive to the constellation of changes.</p> Robingun Elsyam ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-06-10 2023-06-10 6 1 137 151 10.32699/paramurobi.v6i1.4643 KEPEMIMPINAN TRANSFORMASIONAL DALAM MEMBANGUN KINERJA GURU DI LEMBAGA PENDIDIKAN ISLAM <p>Effective and efficient leadership will be realized if carried out based on the functions and objectives that have been set. A leader should strive to be part of the situation of the group or organization he leads. This type of research includes library research. Data collection techniques in this study are documentation, which is looking for data about things or variables in the form of notes, books, papers or articles, journals and others. The research instruments in this study are a check-list of classification of research materials, writing schemes / maps and research record formats. In this study using data analysis techniques in the form of content analysis. Content analysis is a scientific analysis of the message content of a data. The result of this study is that leadership determined by a manager in an organization can create harmonious integration and encourage passion in doing work to achieve maximum goals. In leadership there are many styles in it, of course, each style has its own advantages and disadvantages</p> lutfi firdausi Achmad Patoni Binti Maunah ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-06-10 2023-06-10 6 1 152 167 10.32699/paramurobi.v6i1.4503 PENERAPAN METODE MENGHAFAL AL-QUR’AN DENGAN MUSHAF BITTIKRAR PADA PROGRAM TAHFIDZ SISWA KELAS X MA AL-HIDAYAH 1 PURWAREJA KLAMPOK BANJARNEGARA <p>The Qur'an is the word of God which was conveyed to Rasulullah through the angel Gabriel. The first verse of the Quran that was revealed Q.S. Al-Alaq verses 1-5 contain the command to read (iqra '). The reading command is intended so that humans always learn to read and even memorize, the research aims to know the concept of memorizing the Qur'an with the Bittikrar method, to find out how to apply the method of memorizing the Qur'an with the Bittikrar manuscript, and to find out the supporting and inhibiting factors in the application of the Bittikrar method. . This study uses a qualitative approach where the type of research is descriptive with data collection techniques through observation, interviews, and documentation. What will result in the first knowledge of the concept of memorizing the Qur'an with the Bittikrar manuscript method is memorizing without memorizing, the second application of the method with the Bittikrar manuscript efficiently, finally knowing the supporting factors with motivation and balance in learning and memorizing and the inhibiting factor is laziness growing, boredom and environmental influences.</p> Atta Darojatur Rofi’ah Siti Lailiyah ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-06-10 2023-06-10 6 1 168 174 10.32699/paramurobi.v6i1.4630 STRATEGI KYAI DALAM MENINGKATKAN MOTIVASI MENGHAFAL AL-QUR’AN DI PONDOK PESANTREN AN-NADHIRA KALIBEBER WONOSOBO <p>The purpose of this research is first to find out the strategies used by kyai to increase the motivation of each student in memorizing the Qur'an, and secondly to find out the obstacles of students when memorizing the Qur'an. This research is descriptive qualitative research. In this research&nbsp; the &nbsp;researcher &nbsp;uses &nbsp;data &nbsp;collection&nbsp; techniques &nbsp;with &nbsp;the &nbsp;methods &nbsp;of &nbsp;interview, observation, and documentation. After the data is collected, it is analyzed using data reduction, presentation, and conclusions. The results showed, 1) in memorizing the Qur'an a santri can experience boredom, lazy, and saturated. For this reason, the kyai's strategy at the An -Nadhira Islamic &nbsp;boarding &nbsp;school &nbsp;is &nbsp;very&nbsp; influential &nbsp;in &nbsp;increasing &nbsp;the &nbsp;motivation &nbsp;of &nbsp;students &nbsp;in memorizing the Qur'an. Various kinds of strategies used by clerics include CBSA (How to Actively Learn Santri) which is able to influence the spirit of students in memorizing the Qur'an, then there are lectures and study of short hadiths to influence students in memorizing with real- life applications. 2) the obstacles in carrying out the strategies given by the kyai to the students are very many, especially the self-awareness and growth in the students' lazy nature which can affect the students' spiritual in memorizing the Qur'an.</p> Lilik Ifatul Fauziyah Abdul Majid M. Yusuf Amin Nugroho ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-06-10 2023-06-10 6 1 175 181 10.32699/paramurobi.v6i1.4727 PEMBELAJARAN ANAK BERKEBUTUHAN KHUSUS TUNANETRA MELALUI METODE TASMI’ (TALQIN), TAFAHUM, TIKRAR DAN MUROJAAH SEKOLAH LUAR BIASA MAHARANI <p><em>This article examines the learning of blind children with special needs in memorizing the Al-Qur’an using the tasmi’ (talqin), tafahum, tikrar and murojaah (3t 1m) methods at maharani SLB. This 3t 1m method is an effective method and suitable for children learning tahfidz Al-Qur’an, including children with visual impairments. The purpose of this research is to explain the purpose of this study is to explain the steps for using the 3t 1m method and realizing the tahfidz Al-Qur’an program with the 3t 1m method. The method used in this research is filed research with a qualititative descriptive approach. The result obtained in memorizing with the 3t 1m method are an increase in children’s memorization of the Al-Qur’an</em></p> Exlis Adibah Silvia Risma ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-06-10 2023-06-10 6 1 182 189 10.32699/paramurobi.v6i1.4728 PEMBELAJARAN METODE YANBU’A DALAM KEMAMPUAN MEMBACA HURUF HIJAIYAH PADA ANAK USIA DINI DI TPQ BENDUNGAN <p><em>The Yanbu’a method of learning is very common in the Al-Qur'an Education Park, to be precise at the TPQ of this dam. The main problem that is often faced by children is the lack of fluency in reading hijaiyah letters. Because not every child is fully able to read fluently, sometimes some are still taught how to read without walking on their own. The purpose of the research here is to find out the learning of the Yanbu’a method in the ability to read hijaiyah letters in early childhood at TPQ Bendungan. The steps for learning the Yanbu’a method are reading a prayer to start learning, reading asmaul husna, reading sholawat kalamun qodimun, and al-fatihah. This research is a class action research (CAR) that is qualitative in nature, by taking locations at the Dam TPQ. Data collection by means of interviews, observation and documentation. The results of the research from learning the Yanbu’a method are that some children are still not fluent in reading hijaiyah letters at the Dam TPQ. Therefore, the Yanbu’a method is very important to do every day. In order to facilitate children's reading on hijaiyah letters.</em></p> Muhammad Saefullah Siti Lailiyah Dina Rosyana ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-06-12 2023-06-12 6 1 190 196 10.32699/paramurobi.v6i1.4656 Konsep SQ: Kecerdasan Spiritual Menurut Danah Zohar Dan Ian Marshal Dan Relevansinya Terhadap Tujuan Pembelajaran PAI <p>In the treasury of Indonesian educational literacy the book "(SQ) Spiritual Intelligence", is a written work in the popular-psychology category as a result of the thoughts and contemplation of a psychologist Danah Zohar and Ian Marshal which will later be presented on the values of transcendent Islamic educational methods to students. We need to know that the real method of Islamic Education is to print generation after generation so that they always lead to good and intelligent human beings, then also all the potential of their intelligence as human nature can grow optimally. However, the tragedy in our current education is that Islamic education is only a method to elevate intellectual intelligence (IQ), in the same way it only deals with the mere transfer of knowledge at the practical level. With regards to Islamic education methods, this is about encouraging religiously intelligent students. However, in the sense that students do not experience a moral decline, children who use this method have a monotheistic (integral) mindset and are able to associate attitudes and actions in everyday life.</p> Sri Haryanto Soffan Rizki Mahdi Fahdilah ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2023-06-25 2023-06-25 6 1 197 212 10.32699/paramurobi.v6i1.4853