Call For Paper SYARIATI 2023


Jurnal Studi Al-Qur'an dan Hukum
call for Paper 2023 Edition: May and November

SYARIATI is a blind-reviewed journal that is published by Fakultas Syari'ah dan Hukum UNSIQ, Indonesia. Papers must be original and based on the research and contributive literature review for the development of study Al-Qur'an and Law, written in Engglish, Arabic or Indonesia.

The Special Issue invites studies on topics but not limited to following themes:

1. Study of sharia science
2. Qur'anic science and interpretation
3. Hadith studies and living hadith
4. Islamic law
5. Sharia banking
6. Islamic economics
7. Islamic accounting
8. Zakah and waqf
9. Fiqh, ushul fiqh, masail fiqhiyyah, contemporary fiqh
10. Family law (ahkam al-ahwal al-syakhshiyyah)
11. Material law (al-ahkam al-madaniyya)
12. Criminal law (al-ahkam al-jinaiyayah)
13. Law of procedure (al-ahkam al-murafa'at)
14. Constitutional law (al-ahkam al-dusturiyyah)
15. International law (al-ahkam al-dauliyyah)
16. Economic and financial law (al-ahkam al-iqtishadiyyah wa al-maliyyah):
     a. Sharia economic law
     b. Sharia business law
     c. Sharia management law
     d. Sharia banking law
     e. Law of sharia financial institutions
     f. Non-bank financial industry law
17. Philosophy of Islamic law
18. Law
19. Legal Policies
20. Legal studies


All manuscript/paper must be submitted via Online Submission system (OJS). If you find difficulties please contact email: