Journal History

Lisanan Arabiya: Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa Arab History


Planning for Arabic Language Education Study Program Journal
Establishment of Journal Management Team and Editors
Applying the ISSN Journal Draft Print
Publishing Journal Vol 1 no 1, December 2017 and Vol 1 no 2 2017 in the print version


Patent Cover Design
Publishing Journal Vol 2 no 1, June 2018 in the print version
Use of OJS 3.01
Applying ISSN Online
Drafting the Author Guideline
Publication Management is still manual (direct production via OJS)
Publishing Journal Vol 2 No. 2 December 2018 in the online and print version


Proposing Competitive Grants for Quality Improvement of Research and Service Journal
Improving accreditation standard Journal layout
Improving OJS display
Drafting Standard Template of the Ristekdikti journal
Increase in the percentage of journal authors by 40% internally and 60% externally
Formating of Review Team
Semi-manual Publication Process
Publishing Journal Vol 3 no 1 June 2019 & Vol 3 no 2 December 2019 online version with ISSN (online and print)


Journal Management Assistance from LP3M UNSIQ, RJI Central Java, PPJKBA and IJIMS
Determination of reference management
Full OJS publication management
Improving the performance of editors and reviewers
Expand Online Spread with National and International Indexation
Publishing Journal Vol 4 no 1 June 2020 & Vol 4 no 2 December 2020 online version with ISSN (online and print)


Publishing Journal Vol 5 no 1 June 2021 & Vol 5 no 2 December 2021 online version with ISSN (online and print)
in the process of applying for national journal accreditation (ARJUNA)

Publishing Journal Vol 6 no 1 June 2022 & Vol 6 no 2 December 2022 online version with ISSN (online and print)
accredited SINTA 3 (ARJUNA)
Overhauled some guidelines: author guidelines, templates, and author's fees
Redesigning journal's symbol 

Publishing Journal Vol 7 no 1 June 2023 & Vol 7 no 2 December 2023 online version with ISSN (online and print)

Increase the number of articles published in one edition to nine (9)

Submission for reaccreditation of the national journal (ARJUNA)