Resolusi: Jurnal Sosial Politik 2021-12-02T21:08:02+07:00 Ahmad Anwar Open Journal Systems <p><strong><em>Resolusi: Jurnal Sosial Politik</em></strong>&nbsp;is an academic journal concerning on social and political science. The journal is published by Department of Political Science&nbsp;Universitas Sains Al-Qur’an.</p> <p><em>Resolusi</em> is published in June and December. The journal&nbsp;is open to authors aiming to share scientific discussion about social and political problems and its development in Indonesia and beyond. The journal is also open to discuss the topics from many scientific perspectives expected to contribute to policy and other strategic issues.</p> The Strategy of World Uyghur Congress (WUC) to Strive for Human Rights for Uyghur people 2021-11-28T08:36:10+07:00 Ismah Rustam Arida Meilani <p>The World Uyghur Congress (WUC) is a diaspora of ethnic Uyghurs as well as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) which aims to realize human rights for Uyghurs ethnic, as one of the ethnic Muslim minorities in China. Thus, in this thesis the authors aim to examine the strategies used by the WUC to fight for human rights for Uyghurs ethnic. In conducting the research, the authors use qualitative research methods that emphasize the presentation of events descriptively and data collection using library research or literature studies, then the data sorted according to research needs. The authors were also assisted with the use of the concepts of NGO, Human Rights and Diaspora to answer the research questions of this thesis. In the end, the authors emphasis that the strategy used by WUC was divided into two, a nonviolent strategy that emphasized the dissemination of information and image of the WUC as a peace organization and lobbying western countries, such as Europe and the United States to get a support.</p> 2021-11-27T22:30:56+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## On Political Communication: Is Social Media More Effective? 2021-11-28T08:37:25+07:00 Fitriyasa Meiserli <p>The effectiveness of political communication is a necessary result to build a synergistic political system. Many media are used for political communication. Recently, mass media like printed and electronic media are not only the communication platforms. There is also social media considered very influential on the political communication. The model of political communication that occurs in the digital era is now very different from the last few years. Media or forums for political communication are already very diverse. In this era, all political communication media can be done on social media platforms. With social media, many barriers can be minimized. It cuts the costs and is more practical to build communication between public officials and their constituents. Yet, the absent of physical presence in social media could undermine how effective is indirect-communication without having a face-to-face or physical meeting. Does social media provide more effective features in the way of political communication? This study discusses several essential things in building and measuring the effectiveness of political communication between public officials and the community regarding the current development of communication.</p> 2021-11-27T22:33:06+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Indonesia’s Efforts in Law Enforcement for Transgressors of Indonesia - Malaysia Borders in Nunukan Regency 2021-12-02T21:08:02+07:00 Mursit Mursit <p><em>The government of Indonesia's efforts to reduce violations and enforce public law in Nunukan Regency, which is the border area or border between Indonesia and Malaysia, continue to be improved and maximized. Problems related to the situation and conditions in border areas include illegal cross-border activities and limited infrastructure. The writing method used is qualitative by expanding and sharpening the analysis combined with the experience (empirical) of the author who has served as a Legal Officer in the 614th Infantry Battalion/Raja Panditiha Task Force to guard Indonesia's land border with Malaysia in Nunukan Regency by discussing in detail related to border problems or social phenomena that exist and occur at the border. In its implementation in law enforcement efforts by the government at the border against border violators many are influenced by several factors including law enforcement, regulations that are not widely understood by the community, culture and local wisdom, as well as infrastructure and facilities for law enforcement itself. The central government needs to rebuild policies through a constructivist approach to be more progressive and focused in taking concrete actions to overcome and resolve the problem of lawlessness on the border in the Borneo Island.</em></p> 2021-12-02T00:00:00+07:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##